Ambassador Price World Affairs Lecture Series Present: Emmanuel Jal: Story of a War Child


Date: 24-Sep-2019


Join us for an exciting and lively lecture with Emmanuel Jal, a South Sudanese-Canadian artist, actor, former child soldier, and political activist. Jal travels around the world to spread his message of reconciliation and peace through music and inspirational talks.

About Emmanuel Jal: In his early life, Emmanuel was recruited as a child soldier in war-torn Southern Sudan. After overcoming unbelievable challenges and escaping his situation, he went on to become a successful recording artist and peace ambassador.

Emmanuel's long list of accomplishments includes six awards nominated studio albums, co-starring in the film The Good Lie with Reese Witherspoon and involvement with a number of global charity organizations, including the British Council, the Child Soldiers Initiative, Amnesty International and Oxfam. In 2010, he released ‘We Want Peace’, part of a wider campaign of the same name that called for peace, protection, and justice for all of Sudan, as well as calling for an end to all conflicts that affect innocent people around the world. For his outstanding commitment to peacebuilding, he was awarded the Vaclav Havel International Prize for Creative Dissent 2018, Desmond Tutu Reconciliation Award 2017, Hero in the global campaign against violent extremism – UNESCO 2016, The Hunt Humanitarian Award, The Dresden Peace Prize and The Common Ground Award amongst others. Emmanuel is also the creator of Jal Gua, a gluten-free superfood powder 

An extremely resilient man, Emmanuel speaks and performs all around the world, delivering a message of hope and peace. He uses his past experiences and background to change lives and inspire youth all over the world who have become disengaged with education and society.

Through all of his successes, Emmanuel’s greatest pride is his charity, Gua Africa, which supports those affected by war and poverty in South Sudan.

About the Ambassador John Price & Marcia Price World Affairs Lecture Series: 
UCCD has been a long-term member of the World Affairs Councils of America, and in 2006, UCCD began hosting Ambassador John Price & Marcia Price World Affairs Lecture Series. This lecture series, in partnership with Westminster College, is designed to inform attendees about key foreign policy issues, to create a dialogue about timely topics, and to foster a globally savvy community. Our guest lecturers are leading authorities in their fields, coming from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds, and are nationally recognized authors, academics, and foreign affairs, experts. The impact of our lectures is the long-lasting understanding of the context of world affairs in our interconnected global society.

The Ambassador John Price & Marcia Price World Affairs Lecture Series is hosted in partnership with Westminster College and is funded in part by The Price Family Foundation, Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP), and the Salt Lake City Arts, Culture, and Events fund.

Emmanuel Jal's lecture is also sponsored by the Barbara L. & Norman Tanner Center for Human Rights.