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About Us

Who We Are

The Utah Consular Corps is a professional organization consisting of career or honorary Consuls General, Consuls, or Vice Consuls. They are members of a country’s Foreign Service or are local residents that have been appointed by a foreign government to perform consular duties. These representatives are appointed by the Heads of State of their respective countries and are duly accredited by the United States Department of State. This accreditation allows them to act in their official capacities within the United States.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster diplomacy and strong, cooperative relationships between Utah and the rest of the world.

Our Vision

We will work diligently to be present in our community and serve as a connection to the world while bringing prosperity to the countries that we represent, as well as the State of Utah. Our goal is to become one of the States with the most honorary and career consuls representing nations around the world, furthering diplomacy and fostering friendship based upon mutual interests. Through this, we will be a conduit for business, educational, and cultural endeavors.

What We Do

Founded in 2001, the Utah Consular Corps was formed to specifically address the demands of the 2002 Winter Olympics, but continues to serve the following purposes:

  • Foster relationships between Utah residents, foreign consular officers, and citizens of foreign countries
  • Foster cooperation of Utah consuls with Utah-based international cultural, athletic, civic, and economic events
  • Increase communication and fellowship among the foreign consular officers serving in Utah
  • Serve as a resource to inform the Consuls and the public about consular duties, responsibilities, and practices

Primary Responsibilities of a Consular Officer

Develop economic, commercial, scientific and cultural relationships between their respective country of representation and the area in which they serve. This includes:

  • Promoting commerce through trade, technology transfer and bilateral investments
  • Facilitate scientific, academic, cultural, business and professional exchanges
  • Arrange official visits to their representative countries as well as respective visiting officials to the consular's district
  • Provide useful economic, social, cultural and tourist information about their country of representation

Safeguard the interests of the country of origin and its citizens traveling or resident in their present consular district. Duties in relationship to this function include:

  • Issuing passports and other official documents
  • Issuing visas to the country of origin
  • Assisting travelers in distress, especially when facing problems with local law enforcement or immigration authorities
  • Signing death certificates
  • Legalizing or delivering official documents