Introducing the Consul of Romania, Mircea Divricean

Jul 27, 2018

July 27, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY - Introducing Mircea Divricean, Honorary Consul of Romania. Currently the President and CEO of Kostopulos Dream Foundation, Divricean has a strong background in non-profit and non-governmental organizations, as well as building partnerships between non-profit, for-profit, and governmental organizations. He was the first Non-Profit Executive in the country to graduate from the Goldman Sachs Small Business Leadership Program.

Born in Romania, Divricean first visited Utah on a foreign exchange program. While visiting, he fell in love with Utah. In 1998, Divricean was a counselor at Camp Kostopulos and that experience changed his perspective on life. He fell in love with the mission of Camp K to improve the quality of life for people of all abilities through recreation, education, and growth opportunities. He gave up his career in banking to help those who are disadvantaged. He now oversees all aspects of Camp K, including operational, financial, developmental, and all sorts of other duties.

Along with being President and CEO at Camp K, Mircea Divricean is involved with many local and international organizations, including U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (Advisory Board member), A Child’s Way Home International (President), University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics – Clinical Neurosciences Center (Community Advisory Board Member), and Utah Nonprofits Association (Chair of Public Policy). His influence and dedication to the nonprofit sector and deep ties to Romania made him an ideal candidate for an Honorary Consular position.

Since he spent half of his life in Romania and half in the United States, he feels connected and passionate about both countries. Divricean states that it is extremely important for Romania to have an honorary consul in Utah because of Utah’s emerging international presence. He believes that people, trade, and business of all kinds strengthen partnership and understanding between two countries. He said, “Although I am a naturalized American citizen, when I am here, I feel like I am a reflection of Romania, and when I am in Romania, I am a reflection of America.  This gives me a very unique opportunity, to speak both languages, to understand both worlds, and help people come together to build bridges and successful partnerships.”

There are around 500 Romanian expatriates living in Utah that Divricean connects with. He actively works to facilitate concerts, trade shows, and other events between the United States and Romania. He says that the opportunity to bring the international vibe and experience diversity is one of the most rewarding parts of being the Romanian Honorary Consul.