Brazil Honorary Consul: Gary J. Neeleman

Honorary Consul: Gary J. Neeleman

Recognized: September 10, 2003

Gary was recognized by the State Department as an Honorary Consul to Brazil on September 10, 2003. He is currently the President of Neeleman International Media Consulting Inc. He worked for the Chicago Tribune Syndicate International for 4 years before retiring and establishing his own consulting company. Previously, Neeleman spent 27 years with United Press International, first as a correspondent for 7 years in Brazil and later as vice president and general manager over editorial and business in the Latin America and Caribbean areas. He then joined the Los Angeles Times Syndicate International in 1985 and served as Executive world-wide VP for syndicate operations.
He is well known for his lectures and articles about Brazil and in 1985 authored a Bantam Book, "Farewell My South", which tells the story of the Southern Confederate migration to Brazil after the Civil War. As a correspondent in Brazil he covered most of the major events which occurred in Brazil from the 1958-1966 and beyond. He is the father of 7 children, 3 of which were born in Brazil and carry dual citizenship.

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