Honorary Consul: Dl. Mircea Divricean

Recognized: April 2016

Mircea has a conviction for leading innovative partnerships to build an empowering, inclusive, sustainable, and collective social impact in our community. Mircea has been with Kostopulos Dream Foundation full time since 2001, and is currently the President and CEO. Mircea oversees all aspects of KDF, including the operational, financial, development, administrative duties, program management, fund development, marketing, community relations, and strategic thinking and planning. He received a B.S. in Business Administration, with emphasis in Finance and Management, from Babes-Bolyai University in Romania. Mircea was the first Non-Profit Executive in the country to graduate from the Goldman Sachs Small Business Leadership Program. He was recognized as The Honorary Consul to Romania in April 2016. He is also involved in several local and international nonprofit and charitable organizations, including U.S. Global Leadership Coalition (where he serves on the Advisory Board), A Child’s Way Home International (where he serves as the President), University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics – Clinical Neurosciences Center (Community Advisory Board Member), Utah Nonprofits Association (Chair of Public Policy), American Camp Association Southwest Local Council of Leaders (Chair of Membership Development), Vest Pocket Small Business Association Board of Directors, Romanian Consulate General Diaspora Advisory Board, Nuzzles & Co. Board of Directors, and Inspired Yearnings Board of Directors. In 2015, was honored for his leadership in the Forty Under 40 program, by Utah Business.

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20 key facts about Romania, relevant to the U.S.A.
  1. Member of NATO since 2004 and of the European Union (EU) since 2007. Romania has the 7th largest population of the EU’s 28 Member States. Romania will take over the Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2019.
  2. The most pro-American country in the European Union. 80% of Romanians have positive feelings toward the USA. Romania is a champion state in promoting the transatlantic relationship.
  3. Romania and the United States of America established diplomatic relations in 1880.
  4. More than half a million Romanian-Americans live and work in the United States. The largest communities of Romanians are in California, Florida, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, Washington, Iowa, and Georgia.
  5. Romania is a core partner in protecting the U.S. and NATO allies against ballistic missile threats. In 2016, the missile shield became operational at the Naval Support Facility Deveselu (Romania), the first US Navy base to be established in almost 30 years since Naval Station Everett in Washington (1987).
  6. Steadfast ally of the United States, with significant military contributions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Romania is the fourth largest contributor among NATO members involved in Afganistan (25,000 Romanian troops over subsequent operations). Romanian and U.S. armed forces have fought side by side, with all the tragedy and accomplishment this entails.
  7. World Bank: Romania’s economic growth 3.9% (2015) and 4.1% (2016), is one of the largest in the European Union.
  8. Romania sits across the best land and sea routes connecting EU with the Balkan Peninsula, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and the Middle East; it has the largest port on the Black Sea (Constanta), as well as the European waterway connection via the river Danube. Its size, strategic location, natural resources, well qualified and competitive workforce, make it the gateway to the European market.
  9. A pillar of political and economic stability in a complex region, Romania has strong relations, partnerships and valuable business experience with countries ranging from Central Asia, through the Persian Gulf to North Africa.
  10. Romania has become a model for the fight against corruption in the region.
  11. Offers numerous opportunities for US partners and investors in all sectors of a diverse and dynamic economy: energy, automotive, agriculture, IT, transportation, infrastructure, real estate. Significant US investments in Romania: Exxon, Ford Motor, Honeywell, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, etc.
  12. Romania ranks among the Top 10 countries in the world with the fastest broadband internet connections. Romania is the leader in Europe and the sixth in the world, regarding certified IT specialists.
  13. Automotive sector: Romania is the 4thlargest vehicle manufacturing base in Central and Eastern Europe.
  14. Romania and the USA were recorded as the first oil producers in the world, 150 years ago. The first Romanian-American oil company was set up in 1903. Romania is the biggest producer of oil and natural gas in Central and Eastern Europe.
  15. Romania is one of the few countries in the world with a complete nuclear cycle.
  16. Romania is the third-most energy-independent state in the European Union, with a mix comprised of gas-14%, coal-27%, nuclear-19% and renewable energy – 37% (hydro – 27, wind – 9%, solar 1%)
  17. The most powerful laser in Europe and the second worldwide will be inaugurated in Romania (2016) and offers unique opportunities for research partnerships with US companies and universities.
  18. The Romanian language is derived from Latin (same as Italian, French, Spanish, or Portuguese).
  19. English is used as the primary foreign language by Romanians, and many have good language skills.
  20. Exciting and authentic tourist destination - one of Europe’s last windows to the past, an eclectic mix between modern and old Europe; untouched natural environments.