Honorary Consul: Cecilia E.K. Hahn

Recognized: November 21, 2011

Cecilia Eva Karin Hahn (Miss. Hahn) was recognized by the United States Department of State November 2011 subsequent her appointment by the King of Sweden August 2011 to serve her country in the United States of America as the Honorary Consul of Salt Lake City, on behalf of the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, in charge of public diplomacy, economic development, and government relations in assigned district Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

Professional Background: Miss. Hahn is specialized as a Chief Regulatory Officer in both Banking and FDA regulations, founder of HAHN Business Consulting, registered Lobbyist with the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office, and a former executive of the Salt Lake Winter Olympics. Miss. Hahn has 15 years of executive work experience derived from business and economic development, establishing divisions and legal platforms to launch new business lines and technology.

Scholastics: In addition to her completed International Language studies in Europe, International Law studies in Asia with Golden Gate University School of Law, recent Executive Education leadership studies at Harvard University, and training with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miss. Hahn encompasses a Bachelor of Arts from University of Utah, and an Executive Juris Doctor with Honors from Concord University School of Law. Miss. Hahn is currently a recognized member of the University of Utah, Concord University, and Harvard University Alumni(s)

Personal Background: Miss. Hahn was born and raised in Sweden and is the younger of the two siblings of the Hahn family, comprised of generations of highly ranked military officers and attachés. Miss. Hahn was placed into international school abroad programs at a young age and is as a result multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and well-travelled having visited over 30 nations. Growing up in a traditional family with her father competing in local ski jumping and being a long distance runner, Miss. Hahn was taught the importance of sportsmanship being coached at an early age in gymnastics, and eventually competed in the Youth Olympics of her province, Vastmanland. Upon her completion of her studies in France, Miss. Hahn signed an international two year professional contract and was relocated to Milan, Italy in 1987 which eventually led to her move to Los Angeles, USA in 1989. Miss. Hahn is today a long term resident of Park City, Utah, a dual citizen of USA and her native country Sweden, mother of two daughters, an advanced skier, hiker, and scuba diver.

Honorary Consulate of Sweden

60 East South Temple, 3rd Floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
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